Media and Communication

Media has the power to make or break a personality so is true for a brand.

Healthcare advertising unlike any other industry is structured and strongly regulated by medical bodies and regulators. Hence right use of media mix (ATL, BTL and TTL) and media planning is of pivotal importance At RayAdcom we understand this and have developed skills and expertise in selecting optimal media platforms through the following process:

  • Understanding the target audience and where to reach them
  • On which media (and ad vehicles) should the ads be placed
  • Developing the content
  • Determine the frequency for optimal exposure
  • Budget allocation and control
  • Measuring the impact

Our Advertising media includes:
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • PR
  • Magazine
  • Transit advertising
  • Outdoor Billboard
  • Hoarding
  • Social Media
  • Direct media
  • Digital media
  • Ambient experiential
  • Catalogs
  • Sample
  • Handouts
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters